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Mrsroadrunner Photography

Photography of Eastern Oregon

Welcome to Metolius Oregon

Metolius Oregon is a quiet rural farming town outside of Madras Oregon in Jefferson County Oregon. Mount Jefferson is the counties name sake. Not to much goes on in our town, we have no stop lights. We have a store,bar,motorcycle shop on the main street. The school is off the main street. We also have a nice park off main street. We have a historical train depot off main street as well! We have fabulous views of Mount Jefferson , Mount Hood , The Three Sisters and some other mountains of the Cascade Mountain Range. WWe have the Crooked River National Grasslands across hwy 97 as well as Lake Billy Chinook (The Cove Palisades State Park), Haystack Reservoir is across hwy 97. We are near a lot of open public land.

Photographs taken here in Metolius

This site is NOT the official Metolius Oregon site

I am a photographer based out of Metolius Oregon. I have been here 15+ years. The site has changed and grown since first making this site.

All photography on this site belongs to Mrsroadrunner Photography.

Dahlia flower

Metolius Oregon has great weather and soil to grow Dahlias


Male and Female House Finch

Our home here in Metolius is also home to these colorful song birds

Black-eyed Susan Daisies

Black-eyed Susan flowers grow well here with watering - we are the High Desert

Central Oregon Livestock Auction Yard

If you go to the auction yard , look west, that is Metolius Oregon.

Short Horned Lizard

This Lizard is one of the species we have in the Crooked River National Grasslands across the hwy

Dahlia Flower

Great temps to grow the Dahlia Flowers with plenty of water of course

Spadefoot Toad

This Spadefoot Toad lives here at the house. Their back, "feet", are like spades. You know that you dig with! They live most of the year underground. One was found to live 20' to 30' under the ground! It is said these Spadefoot Toads are hard to study due to them living under the ground a good part of the year.

Ladybug or Ladybird

Not to long ago I noticed very young Ladybugs here in the garden. I think they may have set up shop here? Ladybirds are what these are called in Europe and many of my online friends call them Ladybirds.

Metolius Oregon

This hot air balloon and the others showed up here in Metolius Oregon seven years ago in 2010. The Sisters Mountains in the back ground. We have a lot of room here in Metolius for such things!

Honey Bee Holding Lot

Honey bees show up by the thousands here in Metolius every spring! They arrive by train to be distributed to the farms. If visiting and allergic to Honey Bees do bring plenty of medicine. The Honey Bee's are very thirsty after they arrive and show up anywhere there is water to drink, even here at our little ponds

St. Johns Wart

The St. Johns Wart can be a garden flower here in Metolius, again they have to be watered! Otherwise they grow wild here in Oregon where there is water

Common Yellowthroat Bird

This is the Common Yellowthroat is a visitor here in Metolius along with MANY other birds! Metolius Oregon is a bird watchers paradise ! My archive of bird photographs grows and grows!! This one is visiting our pond for a drink and the garden for something to eat

Marigold Flower

A garden flower here in Metolius. Again flowers have to be watered

Gray Hairstreak Butterfly Laying Eggs

These hairstreak butterflies are as big as your fingernail. This Hairstreak butterfly and several other butterflies lay eggs , eat and drink here in our garden in Metolius. I do not like my flowers being cut down or sprayed with chemicals due to the fact these and the other butterflies reproduce in my garden. In turn people who live in Metolius get to enjoy the butterflies

Our Lady of Guadalupe walk

Our Lady of Guadalupe walk

Metolius Oregon residents participating in , "Our Lady of Guadalupe walk".

Local On Horseback

Ran into this local who was heading out to take care of some cattle

Hummingbird On The Honeysuckle

One of several published photographs, (photography magazine), taken right here in Metolius Oregon

Randy Roo Painting

Visiting Jefferson County Oregon for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse ?

I have been talking about what is going on for the 2017 Total Solar Eclipse happening here on August 17 on twitter, when I hear of things going on specials , deals , contests on and on I will list them below